Mark Heaps lecturing at PePcon on best practices in digital imaging
Mark Heaps lecturing at Adobe MAX for his class "Work Happy Not Hard"

Other than serving our clients, I'm a passionate content creator and instructor within the design community. After two decades plus of working as a professional creative I continue to try and give back to the people working in the industry that has given so much to me. You can find me speaking at events such as Adobe MAX, CreativePro Conference, PePCon, How Design, and many more...


Oh what a journey it has been...

I'm an American born designer who lived with British parents on a small island off the coast of England as a kid. I studied art and design at college in the UK. Inspired by the stylings of the nineties, I was obsessed with the designers of counter culture movements. Graffiti artists turning into professional illustrators, designers for skateboard companies and magazine layouts that were breaking convention of the publishing world. I obsessed over music and would spend days and nights studying album art, posters, t-shirt designs, and more. But alongside that I grew up in an industrial ship building area, where I witnessed people who could see a problem, produce a concept, and build their solution. Concept to execution became the manifesto for my career. See it, think it, build it. 


Around that same time, I was getting into computers. I became fascinated with how graphics were produced, and wanted to learn as much as I could about computer based design. After graduating from college with a major in Fine Art & Design and a minor in Theatre Studies, I sold everything I had and moved back to America. New Orleans to be exact. I traveled across the states eventually moving to Silicon Valley where I discovered a tech movement where creative ideas were welcomed, and designers were seen as valuable to the culture of a business. I became obsessed with Adobe tools and how they worked for designers.


Today I live in Austin, Texas. My wife and I run our own service group with a small team of designers and production experts. I'm a dad, musician, photographer, and lover of ketchup.

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