Being a Professional Creative means having enough experience to support clients through these three key elements.

Simply put, I never, ever, don't have an idea. Growing up in a household where my father was an Entrepreneur, it was instilled in me early the values of business thinking. Silicon Valley took that upbringing and shaped it into the modern era, understanding the culture of tech, communications, and audience types relating to business around the world. I've now worked with startups and Fortune500 companies helping them come up with strategic solutions and plans inline with goals that need to be reached.


Tactical for me is executing on the plan and knowing you can deliver the right results. This means delivering constistently, and repeatedly. My skills to me have offered the foundation that has led me to provide a great partnership with my clients. It's not enough to be able to think creatively, but it's important to understand the potential for quality of output, are the ideas realistic, what will it take to execute, and much more. I've been certified by many of our industry software companies for their tools, and I've been afforded the privilege by many to be a part of their various MVP, and Pre-release development programs. This has allowed me to stay on the forefront of our tools and techniques but also to have a voice in crafting those tools. With many years in management, and helping build large industry resource pools for various design agencies, and in-house marketing teams, I understand how to execute and lead others through execution of strategies and operations.


Although my career is stemmed in being a professional creative, I often think like an engineer. The ideology of "Form & Function" are instilled heavily in everything I do. If I think it looks great, I then want to know how it will be used. If we've found the right the solution to a problem, I want to know how it will look being done. These two parts are never separate, always attached to one another. Will it be emailed, will it move, can it always be printed this way, etc, etc, etc. My role has shifted in the last 5 years to more of a director, leader, and mentor position. But my experience allows me to help others not only receive solutions, but to truly understand them, and why they work. This comes from a desire for transparency, collaboration, and reliability in all that I produce.


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